Make Sure Your Business Is Killing The Opposition By Teaching Your People How To Generate More Referrals…

The quickest way to improve the skill set of your organisation, group or team is through our workshops, training and speeches. We focus only on 3 things. ALL of them have to do with Getting More Referrals!

How Much Money Is Your Organisation Leaving On The Table By Your People Not Understanding How To Use Their Networks Properly and How To Generate Referrals Daily…

Do any of these statements sound familiar to your organisation?

  1. We don’t know the right place for our people to network
  2. We get a lot of low level leads that don’t amount to business
  3. We tell a lot of people what we do, they just don’t seem to understand
  4. We don’t attend networking events because we really don’t know what to do when we’re there
  5. We feel like we have a lot of visibility but it is not leading to referrals
  6. Our referral partners do not participate at the same level we do or we would like them to
  7. We are spending too much of our time with low value prospects
  8. We don’t understand that there is a 7 step referral process
  9. We offer rewards for referrals, yet that doesn’t bring us much business
  10. When we get a referrals, it often does not convert to business
  11. We cannot figure out why some people will not refer business to us
  12. Our sales team don’t see how networking through their current relationships can add more to profits
  13. Our sales team don’t generate referrals from the sales they make

 If Your BDM’s or Sales Team Are Not Generating Referrals Daily Through Their Relationships or Are Not Creating New Partnerships Then You Are Leaving Money On The Table

Our in house workshops are tailored to meet your needs and outcomes and can be delivered over ½ day, full day or 2 days depending on what you are after.

Our in house trainings include:

  1. Building a referral marketing system into your organisation
  2. Re-engaging your network to increase your referrals
  3. Building your network and staying front of mind so that everyone understands what you do
  4. Building relationships and generating referral partners and referrals from LinkedIn
  5. Becoming a magnetic networker and making money from every networking event you attend

What Our Trainings Will Do For Your People:

  1. Increase your profits by showing your organisation how to generate new and repeat business consistently
  2. Save money on digital and offline marketing as you want need as much
  3. Improve the skill set of your BDM’s and Sales Team Members
  4. Put referral and networking systems in place that your organisation can use for years to come

If Generating New Business, Adding To Your Bottom Line and Up Skilling Your People Are Of Interest Please Contact Us Today