How Would You Like To Generate Another Income Stream From Your Community? As Much As $5,000 Per Month For 1 Days Work!

Welcome to our greatest program “Referral Profits Club.” This program has been called the BNI on Steroids by our referral profit club members who have already experienced it.

Would you like to have your own Referral Profits Club within your community?

This is our exclusive club and community, these are the people who get new business development opportunities created for them every month and these are the elite people in our networks.

The problem I’ve always seen with networking and referral groups is the amount of time and energy needed to get results.

You are relying on other people who quite often are not playing the game at your level, which means you don’t get the number of opportunities that you should which means you don’t grow your business like you want to.

So this is what I have done. I have created Referral Profits Club which is a group of 20 people, these 20 people will help one another through joint ventures and cross promotions, which I help them create each month.

Imagine having a team of people who want you to be successful and in just one day you will be walking away with a minimum of 5 new business development opportunities.

Instead of spending days in and day out looking for these opportunities we get them all created by spending just 1 day together which means you have the other 29 days to operate your business.

As a member of Referral Profits Club you will;

  • Get full access to all of our Referral Marketing Training, our Networking Training and our LinkedIn Training. This is all broken down into short 10 minute video’s
  • Get a weekly podcast to keep your motivation and education moving in the right direction. If you did just 1 of the action item in these podcast you will add thousands to your bottom line
  • Get a monthly 30 day plan, know exactly what you should be doing with your partners over the next 30 days. This is so simple to follow that you will be amazed at what you have been missing out on
  • Get a Profits Club forum online to create new opportunities and build new referral partners with other people you currently don’t know exist. This is growing your network on steroids
  • Get a FULL DAY Joint Venture & Cross Promotion Day. Once a month we come together as a group and create a minimum 5 new cross promotions or joint ventures that will get you new business. Rather than hoping to get business we actually MAKE BUSINESS HAPPEN.

This is something that any serious business owner just can’t afford to miss out on.

Things to know:

  1. A Referral Profits Club Member owns their industry within your club, that’s right only 1 person per industry is allowed to be part of your club
  2. It is a 12 month membership which we review at the end of the yearly period
  3. The investment is $497+gst per month for 12 months.

So How Does Referral Profits Club Work For Our Partners?

We are giving you an opportunity to have your own referral profits club within your community.

We will:

  • Provide all the membership IP and Benefits
  • Run the full day JV and Cross Promotion Day
  • Provide the ongoing support and accountability for the group
  • Handling all the admin & billing and then transfer 50% of the monthly amount back to you

You Will:

  • Find your group of 20 people who are accepted into your referral profits club group
  • Get them to fill in their acceptance form for their membership


  1. How many people do I need to get started – 10 people can get a referral profits club started. We are aiming for 15-20 people in your club.
  2. What type of person should I accept – I’m looking for people that want to help others, that have a good network and have the right values and mindset to wanting others to be successful.
  3.  What is the overall commitment of a member – A member comes to the full day JV session per month and then about another 2-3 hours over the course of the month to make introductions and do the training online.
  4. Where are these held – Your referral profits club is held were you decide to have it. We provide the IP and the person to run the day and you provide the venue and space.

We will provide you with the admin support, billing support, marketing support to get your referral profits club up and going. Touch base with Michael at to find out more.