Getting Client Referrals. 3-day challenge!

I have always seen getting client referrals as the cherry on top.

There are so many ways to bring in referrals through your referral partners, your Joint Venture gift partners, through your networks, and also through your clients.

The key is always making sure you have as many opportunities and systems as possible.

Client referrals are not as simple as “Just Ask Them” like many people would have you believe.

It is not as simple as “Do A Good Job and They Will Refer”, like many people would have you believe.

There is a structure and art to getting client referrals where you don’t even need to ask.

The key is having the right system that allows your clients to be walking, talking billboards for you.

Here is your chance!

I’m going to run next week a simple 3-day challenge helping you to increase your client referrals instantly.

In fact, I’m so confident with what we will be going through that I know you will get 1 or 2 new client referrals before we have even finished.

So next Tuesday 17th, Wednesday 18th, Thursday 19th, I’m going to spend about 30 – 45 minutes each day helping you set up your client referral structure.

It is free to join in, BUT I only want you to participate if you are going to turn up and then implement what I show you.

Here is the link to participate if you are interested –  Join The 3 Day Client Referral Challenge Right Here