Cross Promotions: How to Use Interviews to Reach a New Audience

There are many ways to do cross promotions that will expand your audience and your network. One quick, simple and cost-effective way to tap into another network and double your exposure to another audience is through interviews.

If you follow our podcast (Listen to “Get More Referrals Today” podcast here), you’ll notice we’ve been doing interviews with experts across various industries. We’re doing this because it’s a great way to tap into a new audience and both parties can get great exposure. Here are a few quick tips to setting up your own interviews.


Reach out to someone who is an expert and thought leader in their industry and invite them to do an interview with you. The ideal person has a similar audience but isn’t a competitor. Just 10-15 minutes will do, but of course you can go longer too if you prefer. Generally, shorter and more focused interviews work better.


There are numerous apps and software systems that you can use to record or you can use one of many apps to record and upload.


Once you’ve finished the recording, you can share the video with both of your networks across various channels. Most people will automatically share it with their networks, especially if they understand the importance of the relationship, but it’s always a good idea to remind them. The reason being because it will help you to each get more exposure.

The Platform

Make sure you share the video across all your social media channels and any other platforms (i.e. youtube, facebook, a webinar or podcast. You’ll reach different audiences on the different channels so it’s important to hit them all.

Tagging and Engagement

Drive engagement and reach by tagging the interviewee when you upload and share. Engagement will flow if you invite comments and respond to them.

Consistency and Goals

This is one of the simplest, quickest and cost-effective forms of cross-promotions. Get into a routine and set some goals for yourself to keep going. You can record them in bunches and aim to release 2-3 each week or spread them out a bit. The important thing is just to start thinking how you can get more exposure by helping others and get going.


Aside from the benefits previously mentioned such as tapping into new audiences, cost effectiveness, reach, etc. this form of cross promotion will also raise your credibility in the eyes or your audience because you’ll be associated with other industry leaders and show each of your networks how connected you are to have access to all these amazing people. Keep doing this and you’ll be front of mind in your network and other networks will be talking about you.