As A Special Affiliate Partner We Would Like To Offer You Commissions On All Our Programs

We really believe in allowing everyone to be successful and abundant and that is why we would like to give you an opportunity to get commissions on all of our programs that we run.

As a special trusted partner you have shown your loyalty to us and in return we would like to give you an opportunity to generate more income from our IP and Programs.

Here are all the different programs we are running and how you can take advantage of each of them.

#1 – Monday Referral Madness Networking Event

  • For each person that registers we will give you $7.50
  • You need to let us know you would like to do this so we can create you an affiliate code off Eventbrite for each month. Please just email us at

#2 – Referral VIP Club Membership

  • You receive $18.80 per person per month that you bring into the membership program. You have your affiliate link for this program.

#3 – In House Trainings & Consulting

  • For each client that we run training for or consult for you will receive 20% of the invoice. Most trainings begin at $3,000 and are 1 off to begin with. While consulting begins at $5,000 with 3 – 6 months for consulting clients.
  • All you need to do is let us know who you have passed over and we will track the progress and let you know when the prospects starts. Then as they pay their invoice you get paid also.

#4 – Having Your Own Referral Profits Club

  • Referral Profits Club is supported by our back end membership program, systems and templates. The JV & Cross Promotion day can be either a full day or 1/2 day
  • Each member pays a membership fee in which we split 50/50 each month
  • You are fully supported and trained on how to run your JV day each month

If any of these opportunities excite you please get in touch and we can help support you to make some extra money.