To get more affiliates, you need a proven system in place that will allow you to get your message out to the right group of people.

But how does an affiliate system work?

The affiliate places an ad or mentions your product on their site, in their newsletter or to their social media followers. Each time someone clicks the ad or link (coded to mark it as originating from that affiliate) and purchases the product, the affiliate receives commission on that sale.

So how do you get new affiliates, or if you already do, how do you add to your growing network of affiliates? Here are some suggestions.

Join Affiliate Communities

This gives you the possibility to get in touch with your potential affiliates in an inexpensive way. Try to help them with their problems, write some tips and tricks for them and you can indirectly promote your own affiliate program as well.

Offer a Commission

A commission is the percentage of every sale the affiliate receives. Every new product out there is looking for affiliates, so you need to make working with you highly attractive through commissions and prizes. If you’ll be offering a prize, make sure it appeals to all of your affiliates and is attractive enough to encourage them to direct their contacts to you. Those just starting out will need to offer a great commission to hook your first affiliates, at least 25%, but if you really want to recruit a lot of affiliates, 50% is the standard.

Have an Amazing Product

Offering just high commission is not enough, you need to own a great product/service which actually attracts a lot of customers and mainly appear interesting to your affiliates. Your product should address the needs of the marketplace and should be something that people want to promote. It’s best if the product is something that you created from scratch, not a “resell rights” product as a lot of people will have had it already.

Recruit Affiliates by Doing Pay per Click Campaigns

Use Google Adwords, Yahoo!, FB ads to gain new affiliates. You can target certain niches and recruit a large number of affiliates. Do not forget to create an explanatory landing page, where you describe the advantages the affiliates get by joining your program.

Follow potential affiliates on social media and start interacting with them.

Social media is a great way to interact with your dream affiliates because you can show them you support their efforts by sharing their content. Don’t just re-tweet and share their content, but also interact with them by complimenting them on a recent press mention or a great article. You can also share your own interesting content and online finds that appeal to their niche.