A referral partner is a term that refers to a company or an individual that sends prospective leads to a company or business via their website, blog, Web page, group, email or through any other Internet-based link-sharing method.

Referral partners are part of an affiliate network, which allows advertisers or primary website owners to partner with affiliates to promote their products and services on an affiliate-maintained website, blog or through a social network.

But is this relationship merely defined by this textbook definition? What makes a good referral partner?

Find someone who puts a premium on referrals

How can someone who does not believe in the power of referrals even be a good referral partner? Find a partner who believes in the power of referrals, and the benefits it can bring any business. Anyone who believes in less can never be fully relied on.

Find someone who is well-connected

Let’s face it – you partner with people with the hopes of being introduced to even more influencers whom you haven’t connected with yet. If you and your referral know exactly the same people, then you might as well look for someone else. Why, because knowing the same people and exposure to the same group of people will not expand your connections – you just simply find someone who cannot help – and vice versa.

Find someone who will be willing to put in the same dedication you put in

A partner who will not be pulling his end of the partnership (read: he/she only waits for the benefits you can bring him) will be a useless partner. A referral partner needs to eat, speak, move and think “referrals” for the majority of the days you two are partners.

Find someone with a business or product worth referring

It goes without saying that if you partner with someone with a blotched reputation, then you directly jump into a hole you might not be able to get out of. When you refer someone who is not really “referrable” then customers will think that you, too, provide the same poor quality your partner provides. Choose wisely; don’t be in a hurry.

Find someone with huge persuasive powers

You need someone to help promote your business to others. Therefore, you need someone who will be a good, strategic talker, an authority, but not pushy – someone who makes sense, not just someone who talks relentlessly without listening to the needs of potential clients.