The Referral Blueprint contains everything you need to get your business creating ever lasting referrals and partnerships. Whether you currently have referral partners or not. Whether you currently have a network or not. Whether you currently go to networking events or not.

The Referral Blueprint will show you step by step how to take your business to the next level
through partnerships.

The Referral Marketing Blueprint is for people that want referrals, people that want real partnerships and people that want more opportunities to generate more sales.

So Imagine if you were shown exactly how to have:
* A Network that gives you business every day.
* A Network that opens up new doors & opportunities for you daily.
* A System where strategic / referral partners promoted you at all times.
* A System where you ran cross promotions with other people who had your target audience weekly.
* A Process which engages with your networks, social media platforms and everyone around you to bring you new business.

The Referral Blueprint Program Will Show You How To:

Don't Take My Word For It See What Others Are Saying About
The Referral Blueprint Product

image "The Referral Marketing Blueprint has shown me how to look at each person in our life as an opportunity and not just as a client. The focus on looking for ways to help my connections has paid huge returns already. This is the way I LOVE to do business!"
Heidi Evans - Founder, My Life PA

image "To me, Michael has proven himself as a world class referral marketing strategist and trainer. I would recommend that you grab the opportunity and learn from The Referral Marketing Blueprint". My networks, opportunities and business has gone through the roof in just a few months."
Alan Stevens - The Celebrity Profiler

image "This program opened my eyes to so many possibilities and showed me that it is really quite simple to form profitable referral relationships, with a simple monitored strategy which I follow on a daily basis. For anyone ready to grow their business and referrals fast, this should be the first thing on your to do list.
Jacqui Nonkovski - Founder, Manage My Investment


image "This is why Michael is the #1 authority on referral marketing. Easy to follow, practical and easy to implement. A step by step process that works. Highly recommend!"
James Short - Founder, GoalsTribe

image "This is a no nonsense guide to filling your business up with referrals. Easy to use and follow and works for every industry. Michel is the go to guy for referral marketing and one I highly recommend to all of our clients."
Rob Coorey - Best Selling Author 'Feed A Starving Crowd'

image "A practical step by step guide program on what to do to to set up your own referral systems. Within days I had started to generate referrals from following just 1 small little section. The poerwful videos give you the action steps to take."
Esther Kiss - Founder, Born To Influence



A Referral Blueprint For All Skill Levels
The Referral Blueprint is the only referral and partnership program that holds your hand every step of the way as you implement EVERY key process & structure. This program will benefit you and dramatically transform your business into a thriving partnership machine. While increasing your bottom line at the same time. It dosen't matter how long you have been in business, how big or small your network is or what you sell. The system works for everyone.

A Referral Blueprint Based On Real Experience and Actions
This referral blueprint has been created based on real life action, on what I have personally already done and not just theory from a book. I have tested over many years what has worked, what has failed, what makes partnerships successful and bundled it all together in a simple step by step process to follow. There is no luck involved here, just taking real actions and implementing them for real results.

A Word From Michael Griffiths - The #1 Athourity On Referral Marketing Training

“I love how easy it is to get other people to fill your sales funnel for you. I love thinking of all the collabration possibilities and making them happen. I want to share all of our systems to people who are ready to take their business to a whole new level. That is what this 'blueprint' is all about.