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Are You Spending Your Time on the Right Activities?

You should be checking in on yourself on a regular basis and evaluate whether or not you’re spending your time in the right way. Are you doing the right activities? Are you reaching the level you want to be at? Do you know how you’re spending your time and what you’re doing?

Take a look now at what you’ve achieved and see if you’re going in the direction you want to go.

You want to focus your time on the most important activities you need to do each week to accomplish your goals – the ‘right’ activities.

More likely than not, your key activities should focus around engaging with your network, creating conversations, engaging with your sales funnel and building your partnership teams. This is because these are the activities that will generate new business.

Your first step is to identify the specific ‘right activities’ relevant to your business.

Next, write down about 5 – 7 of these activities, following these criteria:

  1. Does this activity generate new business?
  2. Is this an activity I can (and should) do on a weekly basis?

Commit to these activities and create a plan to spend at least 75-80% of your time doing these things. Otherwise do what you can, even if it’s just a small amount each day.

Stick to this and you’ll be creating new opportunities every week, your business will build momentum and by focusing, you’ll take your business to another level.

Without The Foundations It’s Hard To Get Referrals

It is like building a house. If you don’t have the foundations in place, you don’t have a firm structure. For the majority of businesses they are going about getting referrals the hard way, the wrong way and are getting frustrated when they don’t get as many referrals as they would like. In this ‘Get More Referrals Today’ Episode we look at the foundations you need to build to generate more into your leads bucket. When you have systems, processes and plans in place, it is much easier to get the results you are wanting.

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Unless You Know Your ‘A’ Clients Getting Referrals Becomes Much Harder

To me there are 4 stages in your business and at the beginning you just want clients… Any clients… Just someone please work with me… However when you understand what is your ‘A’ type client as well as your B / C / D clients then setting up the culture and expectations become much easier.

Understanding this is great to attract more ‘A’ clients, but it is also a MUST to knowing where you are going to get more referrals and partnerships from.

In this episode of ‘Get More Referrals Today’ we look at exactly what you should be doing to set yourself up for success.

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Creating Conversations – 3 Quick Tips of Interaction

Good business is all about what your interactions look like as one person to the other. Your focus needs to be on creating the types of conversations that help build relationships and build rapport.

Keep an open mind and remember that not every conversations has to lead to a sale. You might be creating opportunities to sell but also, very importantly, opportunities to partner or open another door.

You know you’re on the right track as long as the focus is on building the relationship because people buy from those they know like and trust. If have the right sorts of conversations that build trust, rapport and relationships, people will connect with you and are more likely to be able to help you.

Here are 3 quick to help you to understand the other person

  1. Do you have a similar audience? Could this be a cross promotional partner? Might this person be right for your referral team?
  2. Are there any doors you can help the person to open?
  3. Engagement and understanding. You must genuinely engage and be interested in the person, (if not, they’ll sense it). Doing so allows you to really hear them and to quickly identify if you have a solution to their challenge.

When you focus on understanding the person, hearing their needs and challenges and how you can help each other. You move away from a transactional conversation and into building a mutual relationship from which you can both grow and benefit.

Simple Ways To Convert More Sales

In this ‘Get More Referrals Today’ Podcast Episode we talk to the sales master Steve Jensen.

Getting referrals, leads and opportunities is a must for any business, but being able to convert them is just as important.

Most people don’t like to sell, they hate being pushy, but what if there is a way to sell and convert more by simply having a better process.

This episode will give you some real insights into selling without selling

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The Referral Network On Facebook

It’s about how much you care…not how much you are willing to pay..

Getting client referrals is about how much you care, not how much you are willing to pay. For most of us the reason we refer isn’t because we get a reward or prize. It is because we love what the other person does and we feel good in helping them. Here are some thoughts to help you get client referrals.

Building Trust Will Get You More Referrals

Trust is an essential building block in any relationship. And when you’re talking business, we know it’s even more important. Would you build a relationship with someone you don’t trust? Are you likely to refer business to someone you don’t trust? Consider how important trust is when you’re communicating with those in your network and keep these points in mind to build trust with your network.

  1. Lead by Example

Make trustworthy choices and show your people that you trust others. This means demonstrating trust in your team, your colleagues, your boss and your business. Never forget that your team members are always watching and taking cues from you – take the opportunity to show them what trust in others really looks like.

  1. Don’t Place Blame

In your business, honest mistakes and disappointments will happen, and it’s easy to blame someone who causes these. Pointing fingers undermines trust, and reflects worse on you than on the person you’re blaming.

  1. Communicate Openly

Open communication is essential for building trust. You need to get everyone on your team talking to one another in an honest, meaningful way, and you can use several strategies to accomplish this.

  1. Get to Know Each Other Personally

Never forget that the person you are talking to is exactly that: a person. Get to know the people in your network on a more personal level. As long as you use your judgement, you can ask about their family, or about their hobbies. Start by sharing some personal information about yourself, and then ask someone else about a hobby, or an interest.

  1. Follow through.

Every time you follow through on something you say you’ll do, you are conveying reliability and building trust. Conversely, when you don’t do what you say you will, you lose trust. We all recognize that sometimes things come up and we are unable to live up to what we said we would, so if that happens to you, communicate about it. Acknowledge that you didn’t deliver on something and set the intention for moving forward. Honesty builds openness and trust.

The Mistake We Make When Getting Referral Partners

Getting referral partners is an art, it is not hope and luck and it is not a matter of trial and error.

There is a process and you can stack the deck in your favour by not making these simple mistakes.

In this ‘Get More Referrals Today’ podcast we look at the 2 things you must do before you even approach a referral partner.

This will save you so much time, effort, energy and heartache.

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