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Help Me Help You – Creative Points to Building Strategic Partnerships

When you’re identifying possible partnerships, don’t underestimate the little guy. For some, it can be tempting to focus all their time and effort on the big companies. However, don’t rule out smaller businesses! The smaller and lesser known companies can often be your best partners.

They can help you build credibility for future partnerships, help you try out new products or work out kinks in a lower-risk environment. They may also be less likely to be developing multiple strategic partnerships if they’re smaller or in the early stages of their business, making them hungrier to work together. Of course, use your judgment and be cautions as to which smaller businesses have a solid grounding on where the business is going.

FOMO – the “fear of missing out” – is real. It is a phenomenon that drives social behaviour, and social behaviour drives business. When you build solid strategic partnerships, you can create FOMO for each other and in turn, help each other’s business grow.

As always, use your network. Reach out to your network and see who might be able to connect you to businesses that share a similar or complementary customer base. Finally, look for people with whom you can do the same. Before you approach someone to request an introduction, see who you can connect that person with. You’ll bring those people together and they’re both more likely to return the favour.

Last but not least, be confident in your service/product, but above all be confident in yourself. If you don’t believe in your product, you won’t inspire and partner with someone who does.

Building Your Referral Strategies — What To Think About


Most business owners understand the word referrals, they would love to get more referrals, but they also think that referrals just happen. In this episode of ‘Get More Referrals Today’ we explore the art of building a referral & partnership strategy, rather than just throwing mud at the wall and hoping that it sticks. From our level of thinking, to building referral teams, using our networks more effectively, leveraging through partnerships, using the right tools and following processes and plans, there is a lot to put in place if you want a referral system vs just hoping that you might get a referral or two sometime in the future.

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Actions that Build Trust

Establishing and building trust are critical factors in building relationships. Trust grows in bits and pieces. Make every interaction count and focus on specific actions you can take to establish and build trust.

Eliminate distractions. Communicate that the person you’re talking to is important. Silence your phone, including email and text notifications and put it phone down, ideally out of sight. If you’re on the phone, make sure you’re somewhere where you can talk freely without interruptions or distractions. If you’re meeting in person, choose a location that won’t be too loud or distracting. 

Set time expectations. Tell the person you have X minutes to talk – doing so puts the person at ease because they know what to expect and helps you build reliability. But don’t set a time if you can’t or won’t stick to it

Ask, then listen. Show genuine interest by asking questions to understand the person, their business and how you could help them.

Understand. Seek to fully understand them. Paraphrase what you heard to show you’re listening and to maintain clear communication.

Watch your and their body language. And watch for non-verbals and body language to learn about the person’s anxiety, confidence, and degree of emotion around the topic.

Share credit generously.  When in doubt, share. Dont Take credit for yourself, or allow others to give you credit for an accomplishment that was not all yours.

Never talk negatively about others. Use direct communication and don’t talk with others about problems you are having with someone else.

State your intentions. Be explicit and direct about your intentions. Avoid being unclear or not exactly explicit about what you need or expect.

Be humble. Be timely, be humble and be willing to be wrong. Never withhold potentially useful information, opinions or action to heighten drama, minimise your risk or being wrong or maximise credit for being right.

The More Conversations – The More Referrals Opportunities

In this episode of the ‘Get More Referrals Today’ podcast, we look at one of the most basic things that we could be doing to generate more referrals, leads and opportunities. Conversations! I have always said that the more conversations you have, the more referrals & opportunities you will create.

Whether it is to get prospects to buy, partners to collaborate or just your network to open doors for you, nothing happens without a conversation. We look at what you should be doing, some simple places to look at, to create conversations instantly and a simple plan to follow.

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Business Tips – Finding A Solution

{Quick Rant 😡} Why do we not take solutions or ask logical questions that will help us? Instead we just do nothing and we hope things will change… #NothingChangesUnlessYouDo

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How to Remember People’s Names

Regardless of what you do for work or in life, one of the best ways to make a favorable first impression is to remember people’s names. Remembering someone’s name is the first, most basic step in showing respect and building a meaningful relationship. So why do so many of us struggle?

Some people are naturally better at remembering names than others, but first, lets talk about why it’s often so difficult to remember names. Many people forget the other person’s name immediately after meeting them. The reason is simple; as the other person is introducing themselves, we aren’t listening! We’re usually thinking about something else, our own introduction and what we’ll say to make a good first impression. We think about the handshake and hope we connect properly. And in sometimes our attention is focused elsewhere.

Now let’s take a look at some helpful tips so you’ll remember more names, and build better relationships at your next networking event.

Commit and Concentrate. You can only remember what you observe in the first place. If you’re distracted or if not paying attention, you won’t register the person’s name so you can’t possibly remember it. Commit to being 100% present with the person and concentrate on what they’re saying. Focus on paying attention to the person’s name when you first hear it, and forming an impression of the person.

Repeat. Repeat their name as they introduce themselves. Use their name a few times during your conversation to help you remember it during your chat and afterwards. An easy way to do this is to ask them a question and include their name. (“So, what type of business are you in, Michael?”) 

Associate Try to make an association between the person’s face and an image the name suggests. Even if you can’t create an image for the person or name, just by working on it, you’re reinforcing your memory.

If you remember visual images most easily, try creating an image based on the name and linking it to some physical characteristic of the person. If you’re auditory, try rhymes or songs.

Conclude with their name: Close the conversation by saying their name. It’ll be validating for them, build trust in the relationship and give you another chance to convince your neurons to fire that way again.

How Well Do We Use Our Networks?

We have so many opportunities to engage with our networks given the technology we use today. There’s a lot we can do, but how much are we really doing? Without a strategy and plan around how to engage with your networks, you’re going to miss a lot of opportunities. Your strategy could include substantial engagement via multiple channels and platforms, or it could be as simple as calling or connecting with two people a day. As long as there is a plan it doesn’t matter.

Unfortunately most of us don’t have a plan, instead we rely on ‘hope and luck’. Conversations equal opportunities. If you’re not creating conversations with people in a sustained way, you’re not creating opportunities in your network.

It’s essential that the people in your networks are finding you referrals, are creating new and greater levels of exposure, are opening doors for you, and are filling your leads bucket and are effectively operating as a walking billboard for you.  That can’t happen unless you are creating conversations, hence the need to put a strategic plan in place.

Whether you have a good network or not, the fact is you have one. It’s now essential to develop a plan to grow it with the right sort of people. By this I mean those who have the ability to buy from you, partner with you and work collaboratively to open doors – 90% of a good network should be made up of people who buy from us, partner with us, and open doors for us, with 10% being made up of our support network. Use this ratio to determine if your network consist of the right people.

Once the right people are in place, the next step is to engage them. You have to create conversations. Reach out, hello. It’s not difficult. If you have a PA, have that person make the initial contact and send out those emails and messages.  It’s important not to rely on others to reach out and create conversations with you. They don’t know how to. They don’t even know they should be doing it. It’s 100% up to you.

When you are reaching out, it’s critical to use the right tone and language. When the messaging is correct, the results are far more rapid and you will create plenty of opportunities.

In summary, it’s simply about looking at your network to determine if it’s made up of the right people, and then engaging with them in a structured way.

Gaining Exposure for Your Business – The Two Keys You Need to Understand

How do you go about ensuring your business is being seen by the right people? It’s something we all worry about. Unless you’re visible to those who are interested and have the potential to spend with you, your business is at risk. Whilst it’s critical to get this right, thankfully marketing is not difficult. The same principles of decades ago still apply.

Currently there are two key concerns with marketing. The first is consistency. Secondly, it’s knowing what sort of exposure you need. Let’s begin with consistency. It’s easy to get caught up with trends in today’s climate, but the downside is we jump from one to another without doing any one thing consistently, or therefore effectively. This doesn’t allow any momentum to build. Consistency is easily the number one key to more exposure. If you’re not being seen daily by your target audience, your results will suffer.

The second concern is getting exposure within the right channels to ensure you’re talking to the right people. Are you clear on who your target audience is and how best to reach them? Where are those people that have the potential to buy from you? Do you find them through business groups, associations, or clubs?

Thankfully, consistency is very easy to achieve. It’s a matter of committing to something and doing it for a prolonged period. When considering social and digital platforms we now have, there’s never been a better time to be in business. The exposure you can generate is huge and far more cost effective than traditional media such as TV, print, outdoor and radio.

So what does exposure look like? When we talk about our marketing channels in the Million Dollar Referral System, we talk about you getting exposure through partners. You get exposure through your networks. You get exposure on your social media platforms. You get exposure through leveraging onto other people’s platforms that have your target audience. You get exposure through re-targeting people who are already interested in whatever it is you do.

You get exposure through networking events, conferences, expos, trade shows and sponsorships. It’s generated through your partners and networks needless to say. It’s achieved by collaborating with those who share your target audience. There is a plethora of ways you can generate exposure easily, without huge costs. Continue to ask yourself “How am I getting exposure today to my target audience?”

A great exercise is to search Facebook, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube and Google to determine who shares your target audience. How can you align with them to achieve more exposure? Reach out and try to create win-wins. It might mean a small cost to sponsor something as an example, but you’re likely to get a six, seven or eight X return! In summary, make it a regular practice to ask yourself “How am I going to reach my target audience today? Who can I align with?”


Exposure Each Day, Keeps Your Business Growing The Right Way

In this ‘Get More Referrals Today’ podcast we take a look at a very simple daily plan that will create you more opportunities, fill your leads bucket and ensure that you generate more business. We live in a world where social media and the internet allows us to generate as much exposure as we want. Live Feeds, Video’s, Blogs, Podcasts, it is all at our finger tips. In just 5 minutes a day you could have people looking for your solution at your fingertips. In this episode we look at our simple exposure plan and go through the things you could be doing.

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Business Tips – How To Look At Your Marketing Funnel Correctly

In this ‘ Get More Referrals Today’ podcast we look at your marketing funnel as 3 segments. For most business owners, coaches, consultants and professional service businesses, we try to market to people the wrong way and at the wrong time by doing bottom of funnel activities at the top of the funnel, or middle of funnel activities at the bottom of the funnel.

In this episode we look at all 3 areas of your marketing funnel and get you to work out the right sorts of marketing activities for the right time of the funnel.

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