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It’s about how much you care…not how much you are willing to pay..

Getting client referrals is about how much you care, not how much you are willing to pay. For most of us the reason we refer isn’t because we get a reward or prize. It is because we love what the other person does and we feel good in helping them. Here are some thoughts to help you get client referrals.


Growing Your Networks Is The Underlying Factor…Here Is Why

The problem for most businesses is they don’t have enough people, or the right sort of people, to create new opportunities with. They have a core group, but that core group becomes stale or they drop off, or there is just not enough of them.

In this ‘Get More Referrals Today’ podcast we look at why you must grow your networks with new people every day and how to do this in 3 simple steps.

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Did You Know: Most People Aren’t Using LinkedIn in the Right Way? Learn How to Get the Most Out of Your Network in 15 Minutes per Week

The New Year is often a time of setting resolutions and establishing good habits to meet your goals for the coming year. This year, I challenge you to dedicate at least 15 minutes each week to using LinkedIn. LinkedIn is most valuable to those who know how to use it effectively. It is not a sales platform or a place to collect as many connections as possible. The real value in LinkedIn comes for those who are able to establish communication in order to develop and maintain good relationships.

The Challenge: Dedicate 15 minutes each week to your LinkedIn Network

Connect with 10 new people each week. Send them a personal message asking to connect. By doing so, you are communicating with them as an individual and laying the foundation for future contacts. You are starting to build the relationship. Now, get to know them. Ask what she or he does. Ask them who you can connect them to within your network.  Ask how you can help them. By approaching a new connection this way, you are establishing a connection and adding value. Thereby, building trust and a solid relationship that will help to grow your business.

Send 5-7 new messages each week to people you have connections with. This does not have to be lengthy or in-depth. The message can be as simple as, “Hey there, it’s been a while since we last talked, What are you up to?” This is beneficial for 2 reasons: 1) You’re starting communication. 2). You’re front of mind again. By contacting 7 people in your network each day, you quickly get to know everyone in your network so you’re better able to connect people within your network and know who can help when and where. Over time, you will continue to build the relationship with your connections by maintaining regular contact.

Keep it about them! We all know what it’s like to get a new connection, only to be followed by a lengthy sales pitch the following day. LinkedIn is not the appropriate platform for this.  When you are good at what you do, AND you have good relationships with the people in your network, then you won’t have to tell people what you do. They will ask you and they will be happy to help you.

Get Your Business Making An Impact

Business can be a lonely place, but it also can be an amazing place… In this episode of ‘Get More Referrals Today’ we look at how to go from a business that just sells its product or service to a business that makes an impact on society in a positive way. We love helping people get more referrals and build a great marketing system, but to me it is more than that and always has been.

Here are 3 things to think about to help you take your business from a let’s make some money business to a how do we create a bigger impact business.


How to Start the New Year off by Building Solid, Strategic Partnerships to Carry You Through to 2019

In 2018, one of the best ways you can grow your referral base and grow your business is by creating and nurturing solid strategic partnerships. When you partner with other businesses where there is a common customer demographic but no actual direct competition, you can expand your customer base quickly and easily. Those customers who trust other businesses and have proven their loyalty to them will be inclined to follow their recommendations or perceived endorsements of an alliance partner

So for the New Year, reflect back on all the contacts you’ve made, business cards you’ve collected and people you’ve met over the past year. First, identify the best opportunities to create a strategic partnership. Review whether you have the same clientele, ensure you are within a non-compete situation, and evaluate whether you believe you could spend time with the other person/business to build a trusting relationship.

Next, contact your opportunities and tell them, “We’re looking for some new referral partners this year to help grow each other’s businesses. Is this something that interests you?”  When they say “yes,” ask, “When can we catch up to explore different referral opportunities and to make sure we’re all on the same page?” Then, you want to make sure that you are a good fit as referral partners and are looking for the same things. It’s important to clarify, what the referral partnership means for each party. (For example, will you catch up weekly? quarterly? Etc.)

Then, you need to train and educate each other. This is a critical step because, if your referral partners can’t listen for opportunities, or you don’t fully understand how to help your referral partner, then you’re both losing out on opportunities. Take the time to learn how each of you can help people, know the solutions each other offers, and train each other on what to listen for, so that when people mention xyz, your strategic partner will refer them to you.

Finally, after you’ve established this foundation and you know how to really help each other, it’s time to evaluate. Evaluate the referrals you’ve each made and received. Are you both evaluating for the RIGHT referrals? Continue to evaluate, review and refine so that the right clients are being referred. Once you’ve done this – REPEAT!

Most importantly – remember to keep regular contact with your referral partners throughout the year in order to maintain trust and keep the relationship strong.

A Referral Marketing Overview… It Is Easier Than You Think

Referral Marketing isn’t anything new and it is not anything that is hard to implement into your business. For most businesses they don’t get enough referrals simply because they don’t have a plan or strategy in place. They sit back and wait and hope that someone might refer them.

In this ‘Get More Referrals Today’ podcast we look at how simple getting referrals everyday from your referral teams, networks and partnerships can be.

It is about creating a system and laying foundations to allow others to create new business for you.

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Marketing Your Business Is Easy With A System

For most coaches, consultants, professional service businesses, marketing is not the #1 focus. You went into business to help others, make an impact and to create a better world. However if you don’t market yourself then it makes it very hard for you to survive.

Marketing is a process, a set of simple steps that you should be doing day in and day out.

Marketing is not about what channel to use, but the foundations under the channels.

In this ‘Get More Referrals Today’ podcast we look at the things you need to focus on to build a marketing system into your business.

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‘Tis the Season to Give Thanks! – 5 Simple Ways to Thank your LinkedIn Network During the Holidays

Don’t let the holidays go by this year without taking this opportunity to thank your network. We should be touching base with everyone in our network every 2-3 months and the holidays are the perfect opportunity to do so. Remember that Referral Marketing is about building relationships and nurturing your network. A significant part of building and maintaining good relationships is to show appreciation! A genuine appreciation makes people feel good and your contacts will remember how you make them feel. When you show appreciation for your network during the Holidays you are nurturing that relationship, establishing trust and remaining front-of-mind during a time that they are busy connecting with many others as well.

LinkedIn is a great way to contact and stay in touch with your referral partners. LinkedIn also provides several quick and easy opportunities to thank those in your network.

Give a shout-out to a contact each day.  In addition to following companies, channels on Pulse and Showcase pages, you should also be following the news of the people in your network; it’s just as important! During the Holidays—challenge yourself to comment on at least one contacts’ status update every day. It’s as simple as posting a comment mentioning what you liked about a recent contact’s article. Or congratulating someone on new steps in advancing her career and offer your support.

Give a connection.  Always be on the lookout for opportunities to connect people within your network. Before attending holiday parties, quickly review those in your network and keep them in mind as you chat with others. Always think about who you can help connect, before asking for help. This good will and holiday cheer will strengthen and build your network for the coming year. When you facilitate valuable connections between others, you are building your relationship on both ends, remaining front-of-mind, and you become know as a “connector” point for those in your network.

Give a thank you to valuable Groups.  If you’ve learned something valuable, interesting or new this year from your involvement in a LinkedIn group? Share your gratitude by posting a discussion in the Group to say thank you to everyone who had an impact on you this year. Or you can send a private message to the Group’s Managers to say thank you for creating and maintaining the community. The members and managers will appreciate your thoughts, remember you and it will increase your contribution to the group. You have thanked them, nurtured the relationship and you’re more likely to remain front-of-mind throughout the holidays this year.

Give Endorsements and Recommendations.  Another way to spread the cheer on LinkedIn is through Endorsements and Recommendations. Both of these allow you to directly help someone else, vouching for that person’s skills and abilities. During the holidays, honestly endorse the Skills & Expertise of a few of your connections each day. While many people do tend to return the favour, it’s best to give endorsements or recommendations with no goal other than to help someone else. If people do endorse you in return, then a thank you is warranted and always appreciated.

Give support to your favourite causes.  The holidays are the perfect time to show your support for the causes you care about. Support the causes that matter to you through time or money.  Volunteer for an event and invite a friend or more from your network. Make a small donation to your favourite charity in the name of individuals or groups in your network and let them know why that organisation is important to you. Likewise, if you know the causes that matter to those in your network too, share the love and contribute to that cause in their name. The more you give this holiday season, the more it will come back you

Thank You’s that matter. Remember to:

Be specific. When thanking those in your network during the holidays, focus your gratitude on what they actually did. Being specific will make it more meaningful and memorable.

Be personal. Whether they facilitated a valuable connection for you, helped with a project or simply taught you something new, personalise it. Connecting your appreciation with the recipient’s personal life can make your message more resonant. For example, commenting on the new baby or ailing family member shows you care.

Be authentic. Finally, if you don’t mean it, don’t say it. The person will know. Engagement has to be heartfelt or it won’t work. It’s that simple.