You're Not On Your Own...

Whether you are interested in our Referral Training Club or Partnership Club, you are not the first to have the thought "will this work for me?" and you probably want be the last... 

We have helped thousands of businesses generate more referrals, use their networks more effectively and have partnerships fill their sales funnels. We have ensured they have built a marketing system that allows them to generate a constant flow of qualified leads each and every week.

With our 30 Day 'Love It or Leave It' Guarantee , you really can't go wrong. BUT just in case you need some more proof that what we do just simply works! Here is what some others have shared...

"Michael runs an amazing partnership club - I normally don't enjoy attending events but these are brilliant. Highly recommended!" Robert Coorey - Feed A Starving Crowd

"A kick-ass way to grow your business and meet incredible people. Thank you for your brilliance and bringing us together, Michael." Amanda Westphal - Prize Pig

"Every session with Michael keeps getting better. Can't thank him enough for the advice, support and connections that have helped grow my business month to month." Megan Hodge - Mass Nutrition

"Michael practices what he preaches and vital importance of building relationships with absolutely everyone. He focusses on looking for ways to help others" Heidi Evans - My Life PA

"Absolutely brilliant connections and tools to build my business. I'm looking forward to a long partnership and really getting some great doors opened." Alan Stevens - The Celebrity Profiler

"I've received incredible value in terms of sales, partnerships, referrals, networking and business development. What an impactful day. A fantastic business development event for everyone." Mary Devine - Mary Devine & Associates

"Having been to our first national partnership event I can honestly say that this group is fantastic- being around other people who are all wanting to help each other succeed is so refreshing." Lorrie Brook - Our Children

"I usually approach business spend with an ROI and a sceptical focus, and this approach is set up to be specific and structured, action oriented, and set up to 'make it work' for you. Highly recommend" Joe Gardiner - Profy Wealth

"Being here has given me a complete new perspective on my business and my marketing activities. I am so excited about the opportunities I have setup for next year. This is the place to be!" Matt Brickwood - Spring Digital