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The #1 Guide To Training Your Referral Partners

Finally a complete guide to help you generate more referrals from your referral partners. 
It is pretty simple, if your referral partners don't know how to refer to you, if they don't know how to help you or if they don't know what you expect them to do, then it makes it very hard for you to have a thriving referral relationship. Your training manaul will change all that around.

Grab My Training Manual and I'll:

  • Layout exactly how the referral training should look and all the sections you need to have in your training manual. (This will save you hours of time and effort)
  • Give you an example with my text already in the manual so that you will know what sorts of things you need to write in each section.
  • Invite you into our powerful 'The Network' group on Facebook so that you can start finding new partners and creating new opportunities.
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