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Finally a complete guide to help you generate more referrals, use your networks more effectively and create partnerships to fill your sales funnel. This is easily the most comprehensive guide available on generating referrals, that doesn’t tell you to get them from your clients or go to a referral group. Don't miss out on getting the Referral Game Plan.

In The 'Referral Game Plan I'll Show You:

  • The 3 must focus on areas when wanting to build a million dollar referral network (most of which is easy to do when you understand the simple plan).
  • How to leverage your time on other people's podcasts, webinars and live speaking eventsthe simple formula that gets us over 40+ speaking gigs, 40+ podcast interviews and 40+ webinar spots each and every year. This is the best way to get other people to fill your sales funnels for you. 
  • The #1 best use of your time, when wanting to get more referrals (and a strategy that you can implement in 30 minutes or less) that has never resulted in failure (ever). Note: This is so easy everyone can do it and it will create you new business immediately.
  • The 4 marketing channels we use everyday (hint: it's not FB Ads, SEO, Pay Per Click, Direct Mail) to generate 35+ referrals and over 100+ leads into our sales funnels with names, emails & phone numbers every single day without fail. The best part they are all free and simple to implement.
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