The 30 Day Referral Challenge

Do You Want To Start Creating More Referrals Into Your Business In The Next 30 Days?

Finally a step by step guide, to walk you through exactly what to do each week to build your referral system and generate new leads into your business. 

Isn't it time you stopped wasting time, effort and money on marketing that just does not work for you! They say doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is just insanity.

We know that word of mouth and referral marketing is the strongest way to grow a business. The leads are better qualified, they are easier to close and usually they are a better customer or client to work with.

So why don't we have a referral plan in our business? A plan that could generate us a referral a day (if we wanted to) or at least a couple a week. It is easier than you think.

The Right Skill Set + The Right System + The Right Support = The Right Results

Are You Ready To Start Creating More Leads & Opportunities Into Your Business

Well now you can and I'll show you how very soon. But first why would you bother to listen to me, how could I help you and why should you spend any of your hard earned marketing dollars here. 

After 8 years in business, in which I have built 7 businesses and sold 6 of them, I have learnt a thing or two around generating leads and opportunities into a business. 

I still remember right back in 2008 and spending countless amounts of money on SEO, Pay Per Click, Social Media, Direct Mail, Email Marketing, Networking Events and the list goes on. 

Over the next few years I learnt that people buy from people that they knew, liked and trusted. That is why most marketing will always fail because we are chasing 'cold leads.'

It was then that we realised that we needed to get leads and opportunities from other people, people who had credibility in their own networks and people who could tell their networks how good we were. 

All of a sudden we weren't talking to cold leads or to people that didn't want to buy our product or services, BUT instead we were talking to warm, qualified and excited leads, that were READY to buy. Best Part, they were free leads!

I then spent the next 5 years turning this into a system, a process, if you did A + B you would always get C and that is what we have know created. A simple to follow system that you generate you as many referrals a day that you want.

There is a process to finding the right referral partners, training those referral partners and following a proven system. That is what works.

So here is how I can help you straight away generate more referrals into your business today!

Let Me Introduce You To The 30 Day Referral Challenge 

A program were we walk you through setting up your referral systems in the next 30 days

Setting Up Your Referral Teams

This is the most important thing you can do for your business. Having the right people on your team as profitability partners, super group partners or cross promotion partners. 

By the time you have finished you will be on your way to gettting 46 people in your referrals teams. That's 46 people creating new opportunities for you daily 

Creating our Front Of Mind Plans

There is no point having a network unless you are front of mind of them. We show you the simple 'front of mind' plan that will have your network creating more opportunities for you than you thought possible.

Just 10 minutes a day to create dozens of new opportunities each week.

Creating Real Partnerships & Opportunities Off Social Media 

If you are just using social media to post then you are leaving thousands of dollars on the table. 

We will show you step by step how to create new opportunities and collaboration through social media pages, groups and admins. This will get you in front of tens of thousands of people who need your product or service. This is the most powerful action you can be taking on social media right now 

Setting Up Your Cross Promotions

The easiest way to fill your sales funnel is through cross promotions. We will show you how to build these, but more importantly how to find cross promotion partners to help give your business more exposure than ever before. 

We will walk you through step by step how to create your first cross promotion and the tools you need to automate the process. 

Creating Your 'Personal Engagement' Plan

Engaging with your network on a personal level is one of the most important things a business can do. Too often now we rely computers, email and messages rather than real engagement. See how simple it is to create new opportunities through personal engagement 

Formulating Your Referral Blueprint

Walk away with the exact step by step blueprint that we have been using in our business for over 7 years. Understand the small easy to do activities that over time provide you with HUGE results. We break it all down for you to make it easy for you to follow. 

Just imagine, if you knew step by step how to create your own referral teams, people who everyday were on the lookout for new business opportunities for you. 

Just imagine, if your network created new business for you daily. 

Just imagine, if you were able to get other people to share your business to their networks daily. 

Business is not hard when you can leverage through other people's networks... 

We Have Helped Thousands Of People All Over The Globe... Here Is Just Some Of There Feedback...

Absolutely brilliant connections and tools to build my business. I'm looking forward to a long partnership and really getting some great doors opened. 

A kick-ass way to grow your business and meet incredible people. Thank you for your brilliance and bringing us together, Michael.

I've received incredible value in terms of sales, partnerships, referrals, networking and business development. A fantastic business development program. 

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People Love This Program and Now It Is Your Turn...

Over 3,000 people world wide have had success with the 30 Day Referral Challenge program and now it is your turn. It is the same system that we use personally to create 35+ new referrals a day and over 100 leads into our sales funnels. 

With the 30 day referral challenge program you no longer have to figure it out yourself. You no longer have to waste time, effort and money, instead you just have to follow the step by step system that we have created and being using successful for over 4 years. Instead of paying thousands of dollars for our programs this 30 day challenge is just a single investment of $247usd

If for whatever reason you start the 30 day referral challenge and don't believe that it will help your business to generate more referrals, then please just let us know within the first 30 days and we will refund your investment, no questions asked.

That is my promise to you, so there is no risk to not be getting more referrals into your business today!

Your Next Steps Are Simple...

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I can't wait to see you on the other side!