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The #1 Question You Need To Ask For Your Marketing

The #1 Question You Need To Ask For Your Marketing
Quite often we can feel like we are going around and around and around and around with our marketing and not really getting any traction.
You throw money at SEO, Pay Per Click, FB Ads, Networking Events, Radio, TV, Social Content, Video’s, the list goes on.
While these aren’t bad things, the problem is you haven’t asked yourself this really important question!
In fact this is the question that drives EVERY marketing decision we make.
This question is what we care about the most.
This one item is the difference to sales being really easy vs sales being really hard.
In this ‘Get More Referrals Today’ podcast we will go through what you need to focus on with your marketing channels and why when you get this right your business will start to grow with ease.
PS: Would you to help creating a plan to bring in more warm, qualified leads into your business through referrals? Just comment below and we can jump on a call and share some ideas.

{Free Live Training} Build a Stream of Warm Qualified Prospects Without Paying For Ads

{Free Live Training} Build a Stream of Warm Qualified Prospects Without Paying For Ads
Sales Is Only Hard When You Don’t Have A Full Pipeline Of Warm Qualified Leads To Sell To
Growing your business is slow if all you are doing is putting up social content, blogs, videos or going to networking events.
Growing your business can be expensive, if you only rely on fb ads, SEO or pay per click.
Growing your business is impossible if you don’t have a flow of sales calls with qualified, hungry prospects that want a solution, Your Solution!
Free Live Masterclass This Thursday at 10am Sydney Time
Imagine if sales weren’t hard
Imagine if getting warm qualified leads was easy
Imagine if growing your business was as simple as following a system
No money needed for ads
No throwing mud at the wall hoping that it sticks
No more guessing what might or might not work
Join us on this live masterclass as we start building the foundations to your Million Dollar Referral System.
During this masterclass I will show you:
  • 3 easy ways to build a stream of warm qualified prospects through referrals.
  • How to turn cold prospects into warm prospects so they can be ready to buy from you.
  • How to get more sales calls booked than ever before.
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PS: We generated 42 sales conversation last week, no money on paid marketing, all warm leads and all wanting a solution.
Register today so you can start growing your business by getting more warm, qualified leads into your pipeline.

Warm, Qualified Leads Daily

I remember when I first started my business nearly a decade ago.

It was hard, I had NO clue and getting sales was the hardest part.

The distinction of having warm prospects to talk to = sales didn’t hit home for a number of years.

But when it did, it made me focus more on building out our marketing systems.

Here is a quick video on Why Sales Should Not Be Hard and what you should focus

Watch It Right Here

Please leave me your insight or takeaway’s in the comments section

Social media = Waste of Time

It was January 2018 and I was in San Diego at Social Media World.

I love San Diego as a city, it is so much like Sydney.

With the city right along the water and the feel it has amongst the streets.

We now hold November’s Partnership Club intensive there each year, just so I can visit!

While attending social media world that year, I remember walking away with a couple of real distinctions.

You see most people that are instructing you on your social media unfortunately don’t even have the right strategies in place themselves.

I can see it with how their platforms are set up and the content they put up.

Sure content is good.

Being seen and getting exposure is wonderful.

But I’m sure you’re more interested in creating sales, getting new clients and growing your business.

In Partnership Club we have a real clear ‘Social Matrix’ that our clients follow.

We break it down to a strategy at the top, a strategy in the middle and a strategy at the bottom.

No different to our whole Million dollar Referral System.

You need to build an audience of warm qualified prospects that have the pain point you solve.

You need to educate them and show your expertise to move them along closer to buying from you.

And you need to get the ones who are ready for a solution to raise their hands.

If the only thing your social content is doing is getting you exposure then your strategy is off target and adding new clients is more luck rather than a dialled in process.

So I want you to ask yourself the following:

1.       How to I grow my social media with the right audience so that I have warm qualified prospects to talk to?

2.       How do I educate and show my expertise to these people so they realise that I am the solution for them?

3.       How do I ask in my social posts if they want help, so they can raise their hands and we can see if we are a fit?

Every aspect of your marketing should be a system and your social media will never be a waste of time if you have a really clear plan on what to do and when.

Get clear on those 3 questions and you will be a step closer to making sure you are picking up new clients daily from your social media efforts.

PS: Your social media is just 1 aspect of having a powerful marketing strategy. Are you looking for a minimum 36 new clients in the next 12 months?

If so drop a comment below and let me know and I’ll be happy to help create a plan that will help you reach those goals.

Networking Sucks

It is Friday morning, 5.30am and the alarm clock goes off, as it did every Friday.

It was networking time, at the weekly breakfast.

Now I enjoy creating new opportunities for my business.

I enjoy getting out and meeting others.

But, I just had the wrong plan and strategy to do it successfully back when I first started.

Most people go to networking events to sell.

They see it as their marketing strategy to get new clients and therefore they waste their time and effort.

Think about it, if everyone going to the networking event is there to sell, then who is there to buy?

How many people at the event really have the pain point that you solve and are looking for a solution?

The numbers might be 1 in 50.

Sure every now and then you will come across a person who has the pain point that you solve and is looking for a solution.

But that is like finding a needle in a hay stack.

Instead what you should be doing is going to networking events to build referral sources and grow your networks with perfect people.

Every person at that event has clients, has their own inner circle, has the ability to open doors for you, has the ability to share you or promote you out to their networks.

And that is where the real magic of networking lies.

It is a change in mindset, it is knowing what to do and how to do it, it is about having the right structure and foundations in place to allow people to help you.

When you go looking to collaborate and create win/wins with others rather than trying to pitch to them, then you too will start getting a great return on networking.

PS: We have a secret society that comes together to create new referrals for one another. Would you like to be a part of it? Check it out here

The 5 Q’s You Need To Answer

Marketing is not hope and luck…  There is a very systematic way.

The best part is that it is not all that hard when you understand the 5 questions.

The biggest mistake business owners make is they feel if I just throw money at FB ads or SEO, if I just turn up to networking events, if I post content on social media then I will get clients.

It very rarely happens to the level you want it to.

In this ‘Get More Referrals Today’ podcast we explore the 5 Q’s

The 5 key questions you should ask yourself if you want your marketing to be a success.

You see we throw so much time, effort, energy into getting warm qualified leads.

We throw so much money at solutions hoping that it will bring in more clients.

And for the most part it doesn’t work.

Listen To It Right Here

Getting new clients, growing your business and having warm qualified leads daily, is not hope and luck, it’s a process.

Remember to subscribe to us and get our podcasts as they come out!

PS: If you would like help creating a plan to generate more referrals into your business, then hit reply and let me know and I can help you create a plan.

Great Question From Vanessa

I was flicking through my emails last week and I came across this great question from Vanessa, who is in a small town in Canada.

Vanessa works with life coaches to help them build their business.

She was a little stuck to who she could team up with as a referral partner and how to find them.

Remember that referral partners are people who sell to the same people you sell to and you don’t compete with one another.

Depending on your business and how you operate, this would determine how you went out to find your referral partners.

If you are a local business, with local customers then you would want your referral partners to also be local businesses.

If you could work with anyone in your state, country or globally then you could build relationships with others through social media platforms.

The point is, there are so many opportunities when you ask yourself a few questions to get clarity on your ideal referral partners.

Who else sells to the same people I seel to and I don’t compete with?

Where else are my current clients spending money?

What are the types of businesses / industries that would be great referral sources?

Where would I find these types of people?

By getting a bit of clarity it makes searching for them and asking them so much simpler.

We would find 75% of our referral partners on social media platforms and people we have never spoken to or met before.

We search for the type of person we are looking for.

We reach out to them with a message asking to see if they would be interested in being referral partners.

We set up to have a quick chat and make sure we are a fit and want to help one another.

We then organise ways to help each other.

So it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you have so many referral partner opportunities at your fingertips.

All you need to do is create a little plan to build up your referral partner numbers.

Why You Must Use Client Engagement Plans To Get More Referrals

Your clients are the best business development managers that you could hire.

Your clients are the best ambassadors and walking billboards that you could hire.

BUT, the sorry fact is for most businesses you are lucky if 5% of your clients are actually finding you new business.

So why is this?

It all comes down to your engagement with your clients.

We think that if we do a good job, provide a good service, have a great product or program then that should be enough.

That are clients should be happy.

In today’s society it is not enough, your clients want to feel warm and fuzzy from you.

They want to know that you care and that you are part of their team.

It is more important than ever before to ensure you have a client engagement plan in place.

In this ‘Get More Referrals Today’ podcast we look at what a client engagement plan is and how to use them with your clients.

Listen Right Here

When you engage with your clients in the right way, you will go from having satisfied clients to committed clients!

Your Marketing Needs To Be Creating Sales Opportunities

Quite often we confuse sales and marketing and we combine them as the same thing

We go to networking events to sell

We run FB ads to sell

We do SEO to sell

Where in fact your marketing is all about getting sales opportunities and then your sales is all about converting them into new business.

When you think like this then you will all of a sudden start to run your marketing campaigns very differently.

Getting sales calls booked in or sales opportunities is usually the hardest part of the marketing triangle.

I did a quick recording the other day and focused in on the bottom of your marketing funnel ‘getting people to raise their hands’ and book in sales calls with you.

You can take a look below

Remember separate your marketing from your sales and make sure you have a system and clear approach for both elements.

#1 Reason Why Referral Relationships Fizzle Out

When I look back over the past decade of being in business there are a lot of things I wish I did differently back at the start.

As they say, 90% of the journey is all about learning.

One of the major things I would do differently is how I managed my referral partners and what I should have concentrated on.

For most people their referral relationships fail for one reason and one reason only.

No, it’s not because you can’t find referrals for each other.

No, it’s no because you don’t trust each other.

Sure, they are all symptoms of this bigger problem.

But in this ‘Get More Referrals Today’ podcast I’ll go through what to do to keep your referral partners active, happy and referring you more business

Listen Right Here