The Referral Marketing System

A Step By Step Guide To Turning Your Business Into A Referral Generating Machine...

Understand why you are not getting as many referrals as you want!

This book shows you how to change that around immediatley.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to instantly get your sales funnel filled by other people through using simple cross promotions
  • How to create your own powerful super teams in the next 30 days to increase the number of referrals you get.
  • The #1 reason why nearly all referral relationships fail, before they even start.
  • How to grow your network with the 'right' people who can actually open new doors for you.
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  • Michael hasn’t just written a book he has compiled a comprehensive blueprint for success and included the tools to implement it.”

    Steve Brossman

    The Authority Catalyst
  • This book is a no-nonsense guide to filling your business up with referrals. Michael is the "go-to" expert in this field.”

    Robert Coorey

    Author of Feed A Straving Crowd
  • This is why Michael is the number one authority on Referral marketing… Easy to use, practical, step by step approach. 

    James Short

    Founder Of Goals Tribe
  • Whether you’re a start up, or a seasoned business owner, you need to get your hands on this. So simple, I was scratching my head thinking “Why didn’t I think of that?”

    Samantha Riley 

    Founder Of The Accelerant Group
  • A practical guide on what to do to build your own powerful referral network with great action steps to follow at the end of each chapter.”

    Esther Kiss

    Founder Born To Influence

Michael Griffiths

About the Author

Having built a number of business all on referral strategies with thousands of partners around the globe, Michael now gives you the step by step guide to do it to.

Having started out in the teaching world, being able to impart knowledge and guide people through achieving success was always part of Michael's upbringing.

Having several businesses that have all been built on referral marketing strategies, Michael understands the power of networks, relationships and collabration.

After selling his marketing agency in 2013 he has helped thousands of people to understand how to create referral systems, do cross promotions with other people and use affiliates effectively.

No matter what industry you're in, if you're filling your sales funnel by yourself then you are doing it the hard way.

This is what Michael shows people what to do best.