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Steps to Take Your Online Connections, Offline

Your online network feels solid and strong. So how do you take online connections, offline? Here are some steps you can take to move your online connections to real-world business relationships.

What do you have to offer? Are you aware of the unique value you bring to the table that cannot be easily imitated or duplicated? If not, know what you have to offer before moving forward, so you can contribute to the benefit of another – specifically, the person you’d like to get to know.

Always explore how you can give before you receive. Of course you need to focus on your end goal too, but that’s not the message that will help you connect with someone offline. It might even push them away. Instead, focus on how you can help them first. Reciprocity is essential to building trust and establishing any successful relationship. Know your strengths and how you can provide value to the other person. If you do this, you’ll stand out against others and be more than an online connection. When you’re able to create value for someone, you set yourself apart and become real-world relevant for the other person.

Start or join the conversations happening online. Once you’re clear on what you can offer someone and how you might provide value to them. With the right attitude you can productively listen and join online conversations. Easy ways to build online rapport is by following people you admire on Twitter, re-tweet or share their content, like their statuses on facebook, endorse their skills on LinkedIn (when relevant). When you’re listening, it shows and you will be front of mind and familiar so it feels like they already know you when you initiate anything offline. However, remember to always be thoughtful and authentic while doing this or all they’ll see are bad intentions.

Be clear in your intentions. Especially if you’re cold emailing, get to the point and be entirely clear about what you want. Everyone’s time, (especially successful people) is valuable. Nobody wants to guess what you want, or even worse, think you don’t know what you want. Be clear, short and to the point. Communicate your “ask” and couple it with something of value you can give and you’ll be more likely to get a response.

Get an introduction. Anyone will be more likely to respond to an introduction when referred by someone they know. When you’re introduced by a qualified source, it’s essentially social proof and an endorsement to you. The risk of losing their valuable time is significantly lowered and they’re more likely to like you if they like and respect the person who referred you.

You Have To Be Seen As An Expert To Get More Referrals

Are you hiding in the corner or being seen as an expert?

In this ‘Get More Referrals Today’ podcast we explore why you MUST get yourself seen as an expert everyday and stop hiding in the corner.

Whether you have partners promoting you, your networks promoting you, social media channels in full force, if you are not being seen as the expert then it is much harder for other people to promote you and recommend you.

Listen to how easy it is to become seen and what you need to focus on.

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Learn More by Keeping Quiet

Indeed, you should be having multiple conversations every day in order to create more opportunities and generate more business. Yet, don’t underestimate the advantage of keeping quiet. Here’s when to bite your tongue and what you can learn by doing so.

Zip it. You can’t learn when you’re talking. If you spend most of a meeting or a conversation talking, trying to impress or trying to sell, you’re not learning anything. You’re also going to miss out on potential partnerships and you likely won’t hear enough about the challenges the other person is facing to know how you can help solve their challenges.

Listen. It is not only important to let other’s talk at meetings or in conversations, it is more important to listen to them. Nobody is going to be motivated to talk if you are not listening. People can tell if you are asking them to talk just to check off a box or whether you and others are actually listening and digesting what they are saying. More importantly, no one will trust you and they definitely wont want to do business with you.

Don’t ignore. Learn to leverage the suggestions and ideas everyone has. Learn how to connect your contacts and tap into each other’s networks. The goal is to get the best comments from everybody and have the team work together to synthesize the suggestions into an idea superior to anything anyone (yourself included) initially had. Come out with a better idea.

Change Your Thinking To Change Your Referral Outcomes

I don’t go into mindset very often, but today I think we need to. The reason most of us don’t get the number of referrals we want is because of the level of thinking we have. In this episode of ‘Get More Referrals Today’ I take a look at how you can think like a winner and get more referrals like a winner.

There is no possible way you can do everything yourself, or know everything or be able to solve everything. That is why you need good people around you. If you think your situation will just magically change you are wrong. Nothing changes until you change what you are doing and you can’t change what you are doing unless you know what you need to do differently.

Take a listen and start changing today.

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How to be Smart at Being ‘the Dumbest Person in the Room’

Growing up, we’re praised for getting good grades and doing well in school. So it’s no surprise that many of us might scoff at being told to aim at being ‘the dumbest person in the room.’ Not really the soundest advice, is it?

However, consider the endless instances when you’ve been around people who want to be the smartest at a meeting, or on an email thread. Their need for approval can become a detriment to any progress. Ironically, the most successful people are actually the ones who want to be the ‘dumbest’ at the meeting.

While highlighting your intelligence may seem important for your career or management, the opposite is true. Instead, by focusing on trying not to be the smartest person in the room, you’re more likely to be the most successful. Allowing others to be the ‘smartest; enables better input, more creative ideas and improved team performance. Here are some guidelines for how to be the smartest ‘dumbest’ person in the room.

Surround yourself with the best people available. Great people generate great results and you need to be willing to surround yourself with great people. These top performers are the ones who will drive success.

Everyone has good ideas. No matter how smart any one person is, there are millions of other very intelligent people on all levels, from the best physicists to the smartest marketers to the best product managers. While you may have some very creative solutions to a problem, do not think that others in the room do not have even better ideas. Letting everyone speak and respecting their ideas gives you the option of selecting the best one.

Great leaders are not great at everything. If you are a great leader, there is no way you are also great at every functional area you are responsible for. You may have wonderful leadership skills, but you should enable your team to do their best and defer to them as experts rather than trying to tell them how to do their work.

Measure on results, not sound bites. The measure of success of a meeting, or a working group, or an email thread is not how smart it made you look but that it generated the best possible results. These results are what will also drive your long-term success, not how much you impressed the others at the meeting or on the email.

Rather than trying to sound the smartest at a meeting, you should aim to be the dumbest. It is more important to surround yourself with great people who will bring performance to a level higher than any individual can achieve.

Getting Referrals From Our Clients

In this ‘Get More Referrals Today’ podcast we look at the client referral accelerator.

Getting referrals from clients does not need to be hard, there just needs to be a plan.

No process and system equals hope and luck.

Here is the 3 things to think about when getting referrals from your clients.

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