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A Simple Activity To Get The Right Referral Partners

For most of us we just don’t have the right sorts of referral partners and therefore we don’t get as many referrals as we want.

In this ‘Get More Referrals’ Podcast we look at a simple activity that you can do to ensure you are also getting the right sorts of referral partners.

When you sell to the same sorts of people, that have the same sorts of problems, then teaming up becomes really easy.

But what are those problems?

What language are the using?

This is what we are going to do together right now, grab a pen and paper and enjoy the episode.

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Most People Don’t Know How to Properly Use Networking Events – Learn How to Get the Most Out of Your Next Event

Networking events can be an invaluable resource for your business, but nowadays, too many people don’t know how to maximise the networking event, and they just rely on the event to do the work.

The most important place to start is what YOU have to do at networking events, rather than relying on the event itself.

The problem starts when people simply don’t know how to get referrals and create opportunities with other people. The whole reason networking works is because when done right, you’re forming mutually beneficial relationships. Just consider what would happen if you would bring a small group of people together and connect all their opportunities. It would open a world of business for all of them!

The Basics:

Focus #1:  First and foremost, you need to have the right mindset and be willing to help others. You’re not there to just take for yourself. So be honest with yourself – can you walk into a networking event with a genuine desire and interest in helping other people?

So the first think to think of at the event is “How can I help others in the room?” Next, how do I create opportunities and get into networks with other people in the room. Just consider and do the maths: talking to one person, might bring one sale; however, those who understand referral marketing know that if I open the doors to your network, I could get hundreds of sales over the next months and much longer after. In every conversation you have, see if you can connect them to someone in your network so they gain access to your network and you open the doors to their networks.

Finally, after the event, the key here is follow up and follow through. Sometimes people will find someone who’s willing to help, and then they don’t follow up!! Don’t miss out on such an opportunity!

As I wrap up, because these simple mindset strategies are not built into most networking events, most people aren’t doing this. Most people are just thinking of the sales they want to make at the event, but the real value lies in the networks and opportunity the people you meet will bring.

So now that you’ve educated yourself on how to be a good networker, for your next event, remember these Key Strategies. Practice the right referral mindset and you will quickly dominate the room at events and walk out having gained the most from them.

How We Helped Jai Get Some Structure To His Referral Plan

In this episode of the ‘Get More Referrals Today’ podcast we look at the conversation we had with Jai, who is a management consultant. Jai was going to a lot of networking events, handing out a lot of business cards and was doing a lot of coffee catch ups, hoping to get more referrals. How life can change in 30 minutes.

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Business Is An Attitude… You Need An Attitude To Win

In this ‘Get More Referrals Today’ podcast we look at 2 important parts of business. Your Attitude to winning and the hats you are wearing. It is easy to get into a slump in your business, it is easy to be doing to many things, it is easy to get stuck.

In this podcast we take a quick look at some things you could start doing differently from today.

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Let’s Talk – Rapport is Critical not just in Business but in Life

The dictionary defines rapport as “relation characterised by harmony, conformity, accord, or affinity.”

When you have rapport with someone, it’s that feeling of flow, ease and comfort in a conversation when there is mutual liking and trust. You will recognise a lack of rapport when you encounter those conversations that feel forced, uncomfortable and rigid. Once you’ve established rapport with a person, he or she is much more likely to be open with you and share information, buy your product, recommend you to others, or support your ideas. Consider rapport as the foundation to and referral partnership.

So while building rapport is intuitive and natural to some people, it is an important skill that anyone can learn.

Here are some Tips for building rapport.

Be Real. Fist and foremost, be genuine. If you’re not, the person will know. So be sincere in what you say; don’t make up an interest in something just to create rapport.

Establish artificial time constraints. Nobody wants to feel trapped in an awkward conversation with a stranger, so try beginning the conversation with something along the lines of “I’m on my way out but before I left I wanted to ask you…” When the other person knows that there is an end in sight that is close, and you’re not the person talking to them the rest of the event/flight/afternoon, then they can relax and engage with you more comfortably.

Ask good, open-ended questions. Open-ended questions are ones that don’t require a simple yes or no answer. People love to talk about themselves. Asking open-ended questions and paying attention to the answers helps you learn more about the other person and shows that you have a genuine interest in them. The key is in your follow-up. LISTEN and respond according to what they said. This is how they’ll know you are truly catching their details.

Find Common Ground. When you meet someone new, do your best to find something you have in common. Use open-ended questions to discover some personal information about the person: perhaps you attended the same school or university, have the same favorite vacation spot, grew up in the same city, know the same people, or root for the same sports team.

Be Empathic. Empathy is about understanding other people by seeing things from their perspective, and recognising their emotions. Once you achieve this, it’s easier to get “on their level.”

Ask For Help. When a request is small (this is key), we naturally feel a connection to those who ask us for help. Think for a moment about the times in your life when you have either sought assistance or been asked to provide it. When the request is simple, of limited duration, and non-threatening, we are more inclined to accommodate the request. As human beings, we are biologically conditioned to accommodate requests for assistance.

Smile. Smiling is the most powerful nonverbal technique to let someone know you are non-threatening, friendly and trustworthy. Smiling makes you approachable.

Building Your Referral Teams

There is one simple reason why people don’t get as many referrals per month as they want. They sit back and hope that it happens, rather than having a process, plan and structure. I say getting referrals from your clients is the cherry on top, the low hanging fruit is actually from your networks and building your own referral teams. In this ‘Get More Referrals Today’ podcast we look at how we do that and things to think about. When you have a clear process and set agenda then getting referrals every month becomes easy.


Get Your Business Making An Impact

Business can be a lonely place, but it also can be an amazing place… In this episode of ‘Get More Referrals Today’ we look at how to go from a business that just sells its product or service to a business that makes an impact on society in a positive way.

We love helping people get more referrals and build a great marketing system, but to me it is more than that and always has been.

Here are 3 things to think about to help you take your business from a let’s make some money business to a how do we create a bigger impact business.

Referral Partnerships are Relationships – Do You Know Your Communication Stumbling Blocks

Interpersonal communication skills are what help us to build good relationships with others. And the extent to which you can build effective referral partnerships depends a great deal on your interpersonal communication skills. These lay the foundations of a good partnership.

However, we all encounter barriers and sometimes it’s difficult to be aware of your own stumbling blocks. Here are a few of the most common communication stumbling blocks:

Message barriers

These occur when the person communicating fails to communicate clearly. If you find that you often confuse people, then a good starting point for fixing this is to figure out what you want to say.

When you identify the purpose of your communication clearly, it will largely determine what you say and how you say it. When speaking with your referral partners, be very clear on the purpose and it will help the other person understand you better and act on next steps.

Receiving barriers

These barriers occur on the receiver’s end of the communication, and they typically result from ineffective listening. We hear and understand faster than we speak, and this can lead to boredom and a wandering mind when on the listening end of communication.

To combat this, simply try to listen actively to what the speaker is saying. Active listening is a communication technique that requires the listener to concentrate on what’s being said, then formulate, reflect and respond accordingly. When you engage active listening you respond in a way that makes it clear that you understand the feelings and intent of the speaker.

When speaking with your referral partners, take the time for each of you to reflect back so you know you’re both clear on how you can help the other person and the type of referrals you’re both after.

Decoding barriers

With decoding barriers, the real message is not fully grasped or translated because of misperceptions, misinterpretations or missing information.

The most common problem here is with mismatched non-verbal communication. A lot of non-verbal communication is unconscious – meaning that the sender isn’t aware of the messages he or she is sending, yet these messages can reveal a great deal of someone’s true thoughts.

If you can learn to understand people’s non-verbal communication, you can improve your people skills significantly.

Knowing the most common types of communication stumbling blocks will help raise your own awareness on both the speaking and receiving end. Improve the effectiveness of your partnerships by combating the stumbling blocks you struggle with the most.

{Business Tips} The Top Mistake When Hiring Team Members

The top mistake most people make is they hire new team members or outsource items to other people without being clear on the strategy that needs to be implemented.

Getting team members and outsourcing help is a great idea, but it is not a great idea to leave it up to them to run your strategy for you.

I believe you need to understand the strategy and then direct your team or outside help on how to implement the strategy for you.

Here are just some of my thoughts and business ideas

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Business Tips – How To Look At Your Marketing Funnel Correctly

In this ‘ Get More Referrals Today’ podcast we look at your marketing funnel as 3 segments. For most business owners, coaches, consultants and professional service businesses, we try to market to people the wrong way and at the wrong time by doing bottom of funnel activities at the top of the funnel, or middle of funnel activities at the bottom of the funnel.

In this episode we look at all 3 areas of your marketing funnel and get you to work out the right sorts of marketing activities for the right time of the funnel.

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