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If you have a community or hub of business owners or entrepreneurs that are looking to:

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Our affiliate program allows you to pick and choose various products and services that we have available at the time and make money from it.

The things are affiliates can promote include:

  • Referral Training Club – This is our $197 per month membership in which we split 50/50.
  • The 30 Day Challenge – A DIY Product (You get 50% one off from the $247 payment)

To Get Started As An Affiliate All You Need To Do Is Complete This Form

  1.  Fill in the affiliate registration form by clicking right here

The Steps:

First,  once you have filled in our form, you will be taken to our affiliate back office to set up your account.

Second, the team will be in touch to make sure you are all set up and to see how we might be able to help you with the various resources that we have to share.

If you have any questions, problems or need help in getting started please contact us at support@michaelgriffiths.com.au

We look forward to working with within our affiliate program