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Discover how to add $100,000 Per Year To Your Business Through Using Your Networks More Effectively. It Is So Simple You Wish You Had Known Years Ago!


Do you want to grow your business and get more leads and opportunities? 98% of people don't have any idea how to use their networks effectively or grow their networks with the right sorts of people that can add hundreds of thousands of dollars to their bottom line. Are you ready to be part of the 2% that do? 

The 100K Network is the ultimate group that guides you step by step on building your business. Think of this membership as your personal coach to adding $100,000 to your bottom line from your networks. All for just $97p/m


Hi Michael Griffiths here, I've been helping thousands of business owners just like you to build their referral teams, grow their networks with the right sorts of people, use their networks more effectivley to generate opportunities daily and leverage into new newtorks to fill their sales funnels.

So if you are like me, you are probably sick of spending money on marketing that just isn't working for you. 

In a moment I'm going to introduce you to how I can help you, but first I want to share with you our secret to becoming a successful global organisation.

It wasn't always like this, I was a teacher by trade, teaching primary school and high school math and then I decided to start a business. 

I knew nothing about marketing, about getting leads, about using social media for business, about selling or really anything for that matter, or at least anything that was of any help to running a business.

So I did what you I was told, I went to networking events, tried to get on the first page of Google, promoted my products and services to everyone and hoped someone would buy from you. Unfortuntaley they didn't. 

It was a waste of money and over the years it got harder and harder. I felt like I was never going to make it!

I then cracked the code and became passionate about 'referral marketing.'

I went from fighting for business everyday to building a multi million dollar global organisation based on referrals, partnerships, joint ventures and other people's networks. And since then I have created 2 more multi million dollar businesses.

A lot of people love getting referralsm they understand the power of referrals and word of mouth BUT they don't have the systems or processes in place to scale and get 20 or 30 or even 50 referrals a day, like we do.

There is a HUGE difference between knowing you want referrals and having the right systems in place, like we do.

There is a HUGE difference to going to networking events and growing your networks with the right people, like we do.

Chasing people to buy from you is a tough gig and certainly not much fun at all. After 7 businesses and selling 6 of them I have learnt a few lessons along the way.

First is you have to have marketing that 'ATTRACTS' people to you, so that you dont have to chase.

Second you need to build a powerful network who can open doors for you and introduce you to the right sorts of people. This just doesn't grow by itself.

Third you need to get good at having systems and processes so that you save yourself a lot of time, effort and money.

Finally, if you want to be successful really quickly then you need to model other people who have already achieved what you want to do. I wasted so much time, effort and money on our first business as I tried to work it all out myself.

With over 400 partners globally, hundreds of thousands of actual referrals and millions of dollars in referral business, we have become the global authority on referral marketing training.

I created the 100K network to show EVERYONE that wants to

  • Use their networks better and generate new business everyday
  • Create partnerships to fill their sales funnels and leverage into new networks
  • Build referral teams so they can generate referrals everyday
  • Grow their networks with the right sorts of people so that they can sell & partner more often
  •  Help more people through their own products and services


I created the 100K network as a way that all business owners around the globe could give back to dis-advantaged children and help them to get an education and a brighter future.

The 100K Network Vision 

Our vision is to help the world collaborate with each other, to partner with one another and to open doors for one another so that everyone can be successful. But we also want the future to have a future. 

That is why 50% of every members monthly subscription goes to organisations that help children get an education. Whether it is Youth Clubs, PCYCs, Foundations, we want to help them to help the children. So we can't wait to help you, but at the same time help our future. We will always keep you updated each month where the community has helped out the children.

What The 100K Network Is All About

This is the ONLY simple to follow Program to Using Your Networks More Effectively and Generating As Much Business As You Need From Your Networks, it contains everything you could want to know about creating the right sorts of networks and using your networks more effectively to generate 5+ new opportunities a week. From the how to's, to the scripts, to the tools and the implementation.

The 100k Network Will Show You How To


The starting point is working out what sort of network do you want and for what purpose. Then we can start building it. We help you create a plan for you to follow.


Choosing the right people is essential. You need people that you can sell to, partner with and people who can open doors for you. We will show you where to find them.


There is no point having a network unless you engage with them and create conversations. Conversations = Money, but there is an art form if you want success. We will show you how.


What is a network for unless they are opening new doors and getting you in front of their networks. This is 'leverage' and there is an easy trick to make this happen. We will show you how.


Whether you like to sell or not, your business can not survive unless you do. The nice thing is your networks will sell for you when you understand how to ask them to. We will teach you what to do.


Unless you create systems for your team, virtual assistant or helper to follow you will always be stuck in the business. Let us help you create the blueprint and remove you from doing the tasks.

Here Are Just What Some People Are Saying...

The 100K Network program is amazing and within weeks I had generated so many more opportunities that I didn't even know exsisted or where sitting on the table. It added thousands of dollars within the first month. So simple to follow on in the Facebook group.

Mary Devine - Mary Devine & Associates

I could not believe how these simple strategies I was not using in the past. I'm kicking myself to think I could have had grown my business if I just knew what to do and how to do it. Michael this is brilliant!

Matt Brickwood - Spring Digital

About Me

“My name is Michael Griffiths and I am the founder of Referral Marketing Guru. I love helping people to build amazing businesses by generating more leads and opportunities from their referral teams and networks. Everything we teach is simple, practical, we use all the plans ourselves in our business so that we now that they all convert. I look forward to seeing you on the other side."

— Michael Griffiths

The 100K Network Private Club Will Teach You How To Start Using Your Networks To Generate New Business Within Days

Looking to create business from your networks? Stop wasting time not knowing what to do or how to do it, start adding thousands of dollars a week to your bottom line by following our proven system. 

Once you are a member we will add you to our Private Facebook group and here you will have access to our training video's, files, scripts, daily tips, mentoring, live sessions with Q&A and monthly webinar. Think of this as your personal referral, partnership & network coach in your pocket. 


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If you don't find any value in our private club in the first 14 days, please just let us know and we will refund your subscription. No questions asked, no hassles, no problems!

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